ide on the Tamda Lake

or your rides, it is advised to bring with you:

* Big bag for the stay.
* Small bag for the useful effects during the day.
* Sleeping bag.
* Shoes of mountain.
* Shoes of type " tennis of walking " or "jogging".
* Sunglasses.
* Knife, gourd(clot), items of toilet, sun cream, (lips and skin).
* Toilet paper + Matches!! Lamp (pile and extra light bulbs).
* Dandruff photos.
* Refuse bags to shelter your cases in the bag in case of rain.
* Personal pharmacy:
Désintectantes pastilles for the water of drink, antiantlamatoire, antidiarrheique désintectant external, antibiotics, bandage, élastoplast band, haemostatic cotton, eye drops...
* Lingettes.

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