élouet, Berber village of the High-Atlas, is located between Marrakesh and Ouarzazate. The col of Télouet, 2460m height, the crossroads of the economic and cultural exchanges since highest Antiquity, was known formerly under the name of Porte of Deren. The col of Télouet was also used as communication between two large hearths of settlement and economic activities, the area of Sous and Haouz.
In the middle of XIX th century, the col of Télouet took part in the increasing power of Glaoua developed, since approximately 1858, by Mohamed Amezwar and by Si Madani, son and grandson of a Chikh of Télouet, a marabout owner a salt mine.
This family, which had, amongst other, a Kasbah in Imaounine, probably issue from Masmoudas and would have come in the High-Atlas since one very remote time without being native.
Si Madani's political hability and geographical configuration of the region, were at the origin of the power of the Glaoua's family until the middle of the XX th century:

n 1893, Sultan Moulay el Hassan returned from an expedition in Tafilalet. Blocked in Télouet by a snowstorm, Si Madani gave the Sultan the greatest welcome that he had ever received from a montain Caid.
To thank him, the Sultan made him a present of a considerable quantity of modern arms and a 77 mm bronze Krupp cannon and ammunitions which he used to strengthen his authority and to develop it geographically.
Later, on and after 1912, with his brother Thami, he joined rather quickly the French Protectorate under which he increased considerably his fief, at the point to become the bigest chief of the South.
Thami succeeded to his brother Madani who died apparently of broken heart in 1919 after the death of his son during a battle.

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